XT BRACE was born out of necessity when created by U.S. Intelligence Officers while in a remote region of Southwest Asia to address immediate pain in a sprained knee. XT BRACE is the first and fully integrated brace with a gel pack that stays in place. XT BRACE was created with the athlete in mind, and every design aspect reflects that. From the adjustable sizing to the gel pocket holder, no design aspect was overlooked. The specially designed gel pack stays warmer longer and stays colder than other gel packs on the market. The gel pack is made of a high-performance nylon, and each brace has a specially designed gel pack to fit tightly in the unit. The gel pack can be frozen or heated repeatedly in a microwave or hot water. The gel pack can even be thrown in a cooler with ice while on a camping trip or in an ice box while playing a round of golf.


XT BRACE is designed to be used with or without the gel pack. The braces can be used for post recovery after an intense workout, post injury, part of a physical therapy program or for soreness in a specific area. Use the support when you need a little extra support during your morning run, and use the gel pack insert for helping with those sore areas. Our customers use the brace as directed by their medical professional for support, healing, and hot/cold therapy. Our braces aid in support and relief from pain, swelling and inflammation due to tendonitis, arthritis, bursitis or injury. Our different braces work best when addressing bruising, contusions, muscle strains, weak/sore areas, swelling, stiff muscles and joint pain.

XT BRACE was born out of necessity, and it's now available to serve the person with an active lifestyle. Check out "our story" for more on our history. 


Created by U.S. Intelligence Officers and Mastered for the Athlete.