XT BRACE was born in the most random of places on the fields of Southwest Asia by U.S. Intelligence Officers. In this rugged terrain where there was no access to medical care, and where the mission was the only priority, they had to continue despite the pain of twisted ankles, contusions, muscle strains or joint pain. While traveling and operating in such a terrain, sometimes all alone for days and weeks at a time, there was no place to turn to alleviate the pain. 

On a dusty and steamy day, one of the U.S. Intelligence Officers with a bruised shin and pain in the knee walked into a garment district of a provincial capital and bought a stretch material to make a brace. He then went across town to the local medical supply company and had a custom ice/hot pack made. Next, he took the garment to a local tailor to make a knee brace in which the gel pack would fit comfortably. The result was the construction of a specialized knee brace that could temporarily alleviate pain. 

The small group of officers continued to make and use these braces for their personal use. Whenever there was pain, they alleviated it with their custom braces with hot and cold compression. The officers ensured that the braces and gel packs stayed in place because they weren't out for play; rather,they were out on a mission. 

The XT stands for "X-Treme" because their daily duties involved extreme conditions. From those extreme conditions, the XT BRACE was born for the active lifestyle.